error while inserting module in sam9-l9260

Started by Pravin Lanjile, July 14, 2015, 02:54:25 PM

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Pravin Lanjile

I am having issues while loading simple hello module in SAM9 L9260.i copied linux source file into /usr/src/ followed by
1.make defconfig && make prepare
3.make install
4.make modules
5.make modules_install commands.
after all this when i write a hello driver code try to compile it it shows an error vermagic mistmatch.then i change the utsrelease.h and Makefile,followed by make command.
then i am able to compile the code without error and able to generate .ko file.
after inserting module with insmod module.ko it does not shows printk output with dmesg command.when i check in the kernel log file it shows some error like Unable to handle kernel paging request ,kernel panic
how to solve this problame?
or is there any way to load modules in sam9 l9260?