some GPIO pulldown not working?

Started by albvalente, July 06, 2015, 04:10:55 pm

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Hi, sometimes some pull-downs seem not to work correctly.
At the moment I'm working with an A10 Lime boards (debian on sd card) and ports PB7, PB14, PB15, PB17 remain HIGH even if I've called

gpio.setcfg(port, gpio.OUTPUT)
gpio.pullup(port, gpio.PULLDOWN)

Any hint?
Are those ports used by other peripherals? I've already looked on the manual and cannot find anything; they should be available

Thank you in advance


I'm facing the same problem;
I'm using current pyA20 python lib on a A20-olinuxino-micro with a 4.11 kernel, despite the configuration of these pins as input with pull down, i can measure 3.3V (others pins on GPIO-3 are working).

I supposed this is due to a default definition in the Device-Tree .dts file (or .fex file for 3.4 kernels), using these pins for another purpose, but I cannot find how to change this attribution.

Alberto, did you succeed to solve this ? Does someone know how to proceed or maybe have a .dts file available ?


Hi, unfortunately I wasn't able to solve the problem..
But I'm still interested if someone has a solution.

Have a nice day