ECAD MCAD collaboration in kicad: 3D enclosure designing with full STEP model

Started by easyw, November 03, 2015, 10:24:37 PM

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Hi, for 3D MCAD conversion and enclosure designing in kicad ECAD environment I've done this script:
'Kicad StepUp script ECAD to MCAD': Open Source 3D MCAD conversion tool for Windows, Linux, OSX
With kicad StepUp, it is possible to design your board and enclosure in kicad EDA and convert your model in STEP AP214 3D format
The accurate 3D visualization of components on board assembles in kicad 3dviewer, is maintained in the same accuracy and aspect in STEP AP214 format

Here you can find a wiki

The kicad StepUp script has a fully contained demo board to test it, with 3D VRML and STEP models at

At this link the kicad MOD-MPU9150 board with all 3D models (VRML and STEP) and the full assemblies
(a self contained fully working example of OLIMEX MOD-MPU9150):
of the OLIMEX board:
which is done with kicad.

and here the picture of the 3D board converted in MCAD:

feedback are welcome