how enable/disable internal pull-up gpio?

Started by artone, July 02, 2015, 07:18:58 PM

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i use a external pull-up to read a gpio pin with my code in c .
to test if it is possible use a pin with internal pull-up (without external), how  can i enable and set internal pull-up?


At First

disclaimer: i never tested pull-up configuration on my Olimex board.

To your question, it depends on the Kernel version

Freescale downstream kernel 2.6.35: look at the board config code

Mainline kernel > 3.x: look at the devicetree source and binding doc

Looking at the i.MX23 reference manual shows only a few pins on Olimex boards have configurable pull-ups like GPMI_CE0N and GPMI_CE1N (10 k).