Serial.print() not working in PINGUINO IDE X3

Started by Vertriebler, December 02, 2012, 08:02:35 pm

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I cannot see any result in debug mode: Pinguino/Debug Mode/USB CDC or UART using Serial.printf() or println() functions. Where could be the problem ? Pinguino IDE, drivers ?

I have installed drivers for virtual COM Port, and functions like CDC.print() are working fine in Pinguino/Debug Mode/USB CDC.

I am flashing Pinguino IDE example print numbers.pde


I'm having the same problem. I am able to program the PIC32 Pinguino with a micro LCD and is working well. But now when testing the Debug Mode can not see the result in the Output window. The windows system says I'm connected COM32, but in the IDE pinguino only appears to connect it COM6 and COM7. Does someone can help us. The command CDC.printf Any step that must be taken before?



The cdc/serial debug capabilities of the Pinguino IDE are still in development and are prone to errors. The debug menu basically turns the IDE into a terminal window. Also, to see the number of the port your pinguino is connected to, you have to connect it first, then switch from "None" to "CDC Debug" - the list won't refresh if you were already in CDC debug mode and then connected your board.
The CDC and Serial libraries themselves work fine. I recommend using software like HyperTerminal, putty, siow etc. for communicating with your boards so that there wouldn't be any errors/noise/bugs.

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