Which software to be used on Duinomite?

Started by KeesZagers, June 30, 2015, 01:52:28 PM

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Hello all Duinomite fans,

I'm a very satisfied user of the Olimex Duinomite modules since 4 years. I used them in different projects with different kinds of software. The purpose was always to have a single board CAN solution for analysis, logging or as an I/O board

1. Started with DMBasic 2.7 (the still open version of Geoff), using PEEK and POKE for communication with the CAN interface.  :-\
2. Used the CAN extension for DMBasic 2.7 from Frank, but concluded very fast that they were nice for demo, but not for real applications. This is still the DMBasic 2.7 as it is available on GITHUB.  :D
3. Started with MMBasic 3.x and 4.x, but concluded very fast that these new versions did not add real functionality for my CAN applications. The added CAN utilities were not functioning at different bitrates and it was not open anymore. So I stopped very fast with it.  >:(
4. The next step was modifying DMBasic 2.7 with my own CAN routines, using MPLAB-X and the C32 compiler. Most of the projects are based on this now. It can be used by others, but it seems earlier that there are not a lot of other CAN fanatics on this platform.  ;)
5. Last year I was happy to hear, that another environment was available: MPIDE. Nice to use it as a control platform for I/O, however essential things to use it as a single board computer (SDcard, VGA, keyboard) were not supported. And as far as I know they still are not.  :(

This summer I get a little more time and I'm wondering in which direction I will put my efforts. So that is why I like to have some inputs from other users and the guys of Olimex. Any suggestions are welcome.