iMX233 + GPIO + DMA

Started by MrMehdi, June 07, 2015, 12:23:01 AM

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Hi Everybody
i want use iMX233 family.
in my project need transfer bulk data from sdram to parallel gpio pin.
i used lpc1768 cortex-m3 for do it and work well.
i send request from a timer to DMA so DMA pick-up data from memory and put-in on GPIO output register.
1 clock signal is generated by timer for sync between micro and target device.
i don't have chip or developed board now
Someone can test it for me,it's too important for me,i need it too much,and the result show here.
a simple test
fill memory area with 0xff and 0x0 so send it to gpio pin and measurement speed.
thanks alot