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Olimexin 32u4 getting hot

Started by arc310, November 19, 2012, 04:02:31 PM

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I have a 32u4 board that is getting very hot (the U2 chip, MCP73812T battery charger)  :'(
Also, the 5V is actually 4,4V (I guess it is related with the battery charger problem ?)
I dont use a battery, is there a way to fix this problem please ?
I have to show a kit using the board on wednesday... Too short to get a new board !



Hey there,

How do you power the board? Via the USB type mini connector or via the power jack? If using the power jack what voltage you provide?

Edit: Additionally how is the 3.3V/5V jumper set?

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Sorry for answering late.
I powered the board with 5V from the USB mini connector. The jack was on the 5V setting (a mistake by the way, I plan to use it with 3,3V).
I also tried "12V" from the jack. (In fact, when checked the power supply gives 15V)
As a last chance try, I cut the tracks on the pcb to the U2 chip, but it did not improve.
Now, when I plug the 12V power supply, I have 12V on the AVR !
I order new 32u4s...
Could 15V instead of 12V kill the board ?



please check the Olimexino-32u4 page it's written 7-12VDC power supply only