DDR3 SDRAM and NAND flash memory substitution

Started by asgard, June 16, 2015, 03:12:58 AM

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I am in process of recreating the OLINUXINO A13 WIFI with a few changes.  One thing is I make the Microchip 802.11b/g/n module integral to the main board instead of on a riser.  Additional devices are set up to allow use as an industrial PID controller for process controls (reassigning some of the LCD pins to general ports is one way I think this will work, another way might possibly be to reuse GPIO0-4 as additional SPI CS pins for expansion.

To reclaim board real-estate I have done away with the VGA components.  I may yet decide whether to retain the USB-Host parts as well.  I have also put a coin-cell holder for the RTC as an option.

One big hurdle I have come across here is that the SK Hynix memory parts are not available in the normal channels (Mouser or Digikey).  Could somebody recommend substitutions?

Thanks muchly.
J.R. Stoner