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Started by didelatorre, May 27, 2015, 05:13:24 am

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I'm planning on perhaps building a product around the a10 chip and I'm wondering how long will this chip be in production.  One interesting thing is that I could not find this chip for sale in newark, mouser, or digikey but I was able to find the chip here at olimex for a reasonable price.  So I'm wondering how long will olimex supply this chip and how long will Allwinner manufacture this chip.  I come from a business where a product can last up to 10 to 15 years in the market so being able to have a good supply chain is vital for my business.  I know that A10's are primarily targeted for low end tablets so I don't know if Allwinner will drop this chip and move towards the next best thing for the tablet market.


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Allwinner has long moved on to other chips. There are several articles here from Olimex about availability - although mostly about A20 chips. Turns out, Allwinner will supply them, even some old ones, if you order 50,000 at a time. So obviously the distributors are not going to stock up on chips that are no longer actively used.
Contact Olimex directly and make a deal with them for long term supply - or bite the bullet and buy a bunch.
And read this: