Started by oldpenguin, March 05, 2015, 05:22:54 pm

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Hello everyone
I recently bought a new generation 4.3 LCD display (the one with several connectors :) ) but I don't seem to be able to get it working on A10 LIME.
The display is good because I tested it on an A13 board with the 0.1" 40 pin cable.
The A10 Lime works fine because I tested it with an old generation 4.3" display and a 7" display (in spite of bullshit 0.05" cable + adapter).
The combination that does not seem to work is A10 LIME + new LCD4.3TS. It only gives me a white display. Tested it with 0.1" cable +adapter and direct 0.05" cable and it gives the same result.

Has anyone had this same problem with new displays ?


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Hello all

I guess the problem was the bad cable. This cable is really useless.
Anyway during this time I designed my own adapter board that sits on top of A10-Lime, with a decent connector and all the displays work fine now.