PIC32 MAXI WEB uart2 configuration

Started by ALFREDOSKY, March 13, 2015, 05:33:53 PM

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Hi all, I want to configure uart2, but I changed everything that I should but uart2 is not working, please can any guy from OLIMEX support help me?


If you mean that you changed UartComm.c line 23 from UART1 to UART2 and trying to connect to UEXT2 pins (RB9 and RB14) then keep in mind that these lines don't have UART function. UART2 is supposed to be a software UART (in the schematic these two pins are marked as SW_U2TX and SW_U2RX). And UART1 initialization is accomplished in the code as hardware UART.

So if you want to use UART2 you have to define your own functions for initialization of the pins and data transfer.
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