Wifi dies after a few minutes under Debian using wpasupplicant

Started by aquarat, October 21, 2012, 03:09:50 PM

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I'm running Debian on my A13... and it works, but the wifi link dies after about 15 minutes. ifdown/ifup makes no difference. The connection still shows up in ifconfig as connected, with an IP, but the card doesn't send or receive data from the wlan.

Anybody got any idea why this is happening ?


I doesn't seem to die if the connection is regularly used... ie running a ping permanently keeps it going.



This also happens to me. In my case, this is because the wifi module loses connection by disassociation. The solution I found is reset.  ;D
[   14.210000] wlan0: deauthenticated from 00:21:91:33:37:95 (Reason: 2)
[   14.220000] cfg80211: Calling CRDA for country: US

One way to improve the connectivity is to install network-manager.


PMU will put A13 in sleep mode after few minutes if not used


Is there any way to disable this ? Or to re-enable the wifi dongle once it has been powered down ?


I can now also confirm that pushing data through the link DOES NOT keep it alive. I also tried killing the power daemon and adding "wireless-power off" to the interfaces file... nothing helps.


Hi all,

Some years later ... I still have the problem; but with A20.
Does anybody found a workaround ?

Thanks !


Just go round the various things until you figure it.  It's software, probably with some hardware input.

Consider printk etc to see what happens as it does it, then why.



Ok, I answer to myself : it seems to be a power-saving mode problem.
I disabled power saving and it seems to be okay now (at least after 2 days of uptime)

One time:
iw dev wlan7 set power_save off

Each boot time:
in /etc/network/interfaces:
wireless-power off

My Wiki usb-key is :
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 07d1:3c03 D-Link System AirPlus G DWL-G122 Wireless Adapter(rev.C1) [Ralink RT2571W]