Solid State Relay board help

Started by flipflops, January 25, 2013, 06:17:54 AM

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Looking for advise on the best way to control the following relay board from the maxi:

Any help is appreciated.


looking at the picture this require 5V so it's not certain imx233 3.3V can drive it properly but you can try


The online literature states:

Input control signal voltage:
0V - 0.5V Low stage (SSR is OFF),
0.5V – 2.5V (unknown state).
2.5V - 20V High state (SSR is ON).

so the 3.3v should be plenty to switch the SSRs, right?

If so, my original question is regarding the best way to interface to the relay board from the maxi?

Eight GPIO pins?

If so, any eight in particular? and how do you send the voltage signal to the pin?

Is there any reference material for controlling the GPIO pins from the Linux shell?

Do you access the PINS by the "linux name" from the maxi literature or as a linux device like /dev/ttlx

Any help is appreciated.