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MOD-IO Newbie Question

Started by TemperedEnt, June 24, 2015, 12:39:55 am

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I want to run an input for the olimex mod-io through a limit switch. This would be like the wall switch in a house.

Can I just run power to the limit and into the MOD-IO and read the input? Or does the electronics have to be different?


Maybe I should ask another way..?

Does anyone have an electrical diagram of how to wire up a wall switch to this board?


Maybe I'm a bit confused, but do you want to just read the state of a single switch? The optocoupler inputs of the MOD-IO behave just like a LED with built-in 3.9K resistor and antiparalel diode (as voltage revelsal protection), but for a single digital input, you can connect the switch directly to the SoC GPIO input (with configured pull-up resistor and maybe with some aditional protection against electromagnetic interferences), without the MOD-IO.