Started by carossopatrick, April 10, 2015, 11:14:59 am

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Hello all,
I need to interface the A10-OLINUXINO-LIME to several different LCD displays, and I'm preparing suitable adapters. On the board manual I've found the 40-pins LCD connector pinout. The functions of DE,VSYNC,HSYNC and CLK are clear. But what about the 24 LCD_DXX? My display has 6 wires for each color. How am I supposed to connect them? In the board manual I've read about a "Connectors and adapters page", on which are available schematics, but I was not able to find it. What is the exact link?
Thank you very much for your help.


Maybe it's clearer from either the AW data sheet(s) or schematics for other boards (there are quite a few on the net - you can check all of A13, A10, A20 at least)?



Thank you,
I've found the schematics on the LCD page.


LCD_DXX is the 24 bit RGB signals so this means 8 bit per RED, GREEN and BLUE.

The datasheet indicates which is RED, GREEN and BLUE.

If your board is only 6 for color, simply use the upper 6 bits and leave the lower 2 unconnected. The human eye won't detect the difference.

The A20 can also do LVDS so you need to check the datasheet for the correct wiring for this option.