Does the Lime2 support HDMI-CEC

Started by madasahatter, March 18, 2015, 05:44:00 pm

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Hi all

Just joined the forum after reading about the LIME2.

My requirements for the LIME2 are twofold

1). Network sending of a HD stream from a USB device across Gigabit
2). XBMC Media centre

Now, I know an RPi can do OpenElec/XBMC all day long, but it isn't snappy (the interface is a little heavy even O/C to 950MHz). But it certainly cannot deliver a HD stream from a USB device across gigabit. I have seen the throughput requirement (on another machine which CAN do it) reach 500MBps which isn't happening in 100MBps Ethernet....

The Lime2 has Gigabit, which means it could do it - and it has more processing power for driving the interface. Sounds ideal.

So my questions are, did anyone get XBMC up and rolling on Lime2, and also does the HDMI controller support CEC?

Thanks in advance for any help - if this board works for me, then it will be a godsend since I am tired of having an old 17" laptop behind my telly making a noise all the time. :)



XBMC working fine on A20 only on Android with external player MXplayer, cons is small data partition and low HDMI resolution (image for A20 MICRO).

i use XBMC on a20 MICRO, one SD card with Android + XBMC and 1 card with Debian :)


The A20 CPU is supporting CEC, but it's using bit banging for it. So, basically the hardware is capable and ready for it. The problem is that the driver isn't implemented yet. There is just some demo code showing a way to turn a device on and off using cec. I don't think the cec library xbmc is using (which was initially created for an usb - cec dongle) will work without someone programming a proper driver. The pi kernel sources could function as an example framework for this job.