using AM3352-SOM-EVB as an ethernet switch

Started by rifo, September 07, 2015, 02:12:36 PM

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Can you please tell me whether the below scenario is possible to implement with AM3352-SOM-EVB

I have a PC and a measurement device that need to connect to each other via ethernet.
The system also requires an embedded controller AM3352-SOM-EVB
that also need to speak to the PC via ethernet.

I can use an industrial switch to connect everything together but in order
to decrease the component level lower, I would like to use the dual ethernet
jacks of AM3352-SOM-EVB

Which settings should I change so that both eth interfaces have an address in
the same domain and the PC can ping and connect to both the AM3352-SOM-EVB and the measurement

As far as I see, currently eth interfaces are seperate and I guess I need IP forwarding
to have the PC and measurement device to talk to each other.

Thanks a lot for your help


You can use bridge them together using the command brctl. The ethernet bridge in Linux works as a switch, you can add any number of separate ethernet interface and use them as one device (eg. br0). See or .