apt-get missing

Started by rodrigomartinho, November 26, 2012, 11:32:57 PM

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I am making the first tests on my Olinuxino and just noticed that apt-get and dpkg are missing. Is the distro  supposed to be like this, or it is really messed up and I should make my own boot SD-card? This SD-card I bought at Dontronics, and thought (wrongly as it seems) that it was ready to use.

Thanks in advance,

Rodrigo Martinho.


Seems I got it. I expected my distro to be a Debian, but it isn't.

As stated in the project github, since some months the project uses ArchLinux. But my distro isn't ArchLinux either, since it has no pacman.

I guess this isn't a complete distro and I'll have to build my own.


the standard delivered system is the open embedded layer (yocto). You can find other distro's at the productpage (like debian and archlinux)


I don't know this distro, will take a look to see if fits me. Otherwise I'll try to change.

Thanks for the information.