eeg-smt electrode position

Started by excitevision, February 18, 2015, 01:55:13 pm

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Hello, everyone :

  I am new here. I have questions about the eeg-smt electrode position. Since it is bipolar device, you have two electrodes for one channel. I have used g-tec and neurosky which are straightforward when measuring signals. For example if you measure Fp1, you just put the electrode on FP1 . With EEG-SMT, I do not quite understand how to measure.

suppose you want to measure F3 signals , the channel 1 + electrode is put in F3, where should I put channel1- electrode, should it be at F4 or any standard position as long as it is on the right hemisphere? Should the two electrodes' positions be symmetrical ? what if I want to measure Cz, Pz or Fz, how can I put the another electrode?

thanks !