Sending e-mail with PIC-WEB Rev.C does not work

Started by hoteloskar, September 30, 2013, 01:51:00 PM

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I tried to send an e-mail with the PIC-WEB board using the associated web page.
But no success!
Allways the message: "Check your SMTP server settings and try again." will be returned.
I used several SMTP servers which all works by using Outlook and also by using a telnet session.
In use I have a PIC-WEB Rev.C with software V5.0 and I also tried V5.31.

Any ideas.



Hey Hans,

We have tested the e-mail sending multiple times - it works fine here. I tested it now again. The results may be seen via the web interface of the mail box:

Please test with the latest version of the example: The password for the demo is in the "Olimex License Agreement.pdf".

Check if the e-mail is not in the "Spam" folder (this was the case here).

Test your network settings again. Most firewalls or company firewalls block SMTP sending (too easy to spread viruses).

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thank you for your answer, but meanwhile I got the solution by myself.
The SMTP-phrase "Mail from" is static coded with:
My mailserver does not accept this mail address.
After putting in my own mail address everything works fine. :)


Hi! I was trying to send an email to my gmail account using the PIC-WEB but i am always getting an error.

I connected the pic-web to my router via ethernet and i am abble to access it via Wi-Fi. Now i would like to send an email using the prebuilt softw provided but until now i had no success.

There are anyone who could help me? How i should configure my board?
I tried also to change the email from in the code but it didnt worked...


SMTP server:
username: my gmail email
password: my gmail pass
port: i tryed 25, 465, 587

Microchip TCP/IP Config Application (v5.42, Dec 23 2014)

        1: Change serial number:                1
        2: Change host name:                    PIC-WEB
        3: Change static IP address:  
        4: Change static gateway address:
        5: Change static subnet mask: 
        6: Change static primary DNS server:
        7: Change static secondary DNS server:
        8: Enable DHCP & IP Gleaning:           DHCP is currently disabled
        9: Download MPFS image.
        0: Save & Quit.
Enter a menu choice: 0
Settings saved.