How can I use the free staying partition (12 Gb)?

Started by MANU62170, June 09, 2015, 03:16:50 pm

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I've got an Olinuxino A10S with Android on a 16Gb microSD card.

Android uses 4 Gb, and I'd like to know how I can use the free staying 12Gb partition.

Actually, I've not anough place now to upgrade the few programs I installed after Android on the 4Gb partition, so I'd like to transfer the programs on the 12Gb partition like it's usually possible under Android.

The free 12 Gb are not recongnized...

Thanks a lot for helping  ;)


I am not familiar with Android, but because there is the same Linux kernel under the hood, all what you need is to create partition on the free space using command line tools fdisk/cfdisk/sfdisk/whatever or with GUI program like GParted. After that, create a filesystem on it. You can get list of supported filesystems in /proc/filesystems (beware, some file managers don't like virtual filesystem and may behave strangely in /proc), but at least the FAT32 should be supported on everything.


Thanks, MBR  :), but I allready tried what you suggest, and it didn't work...