PIC-WEB/ PIC18F67J60 HW questions

Started by mfarrugia, October 08, 2014, 06:55:50 PM

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I am trying to build a board fairly based on the PIC-WEB board (just using the PIC18 for ethernet). I managed to make my software work with the PIC-WEB and now need to build a board to suit my needs. However I came up with a few HW questions which you guys at Olimex might help with (you have already helped out a lot on private emails...thanks Lub).
1) The programming cable used by Olimex is 'special' as in you need to use their own cable. I assume this is just due to the ICSP connector used by Olimex and if I want to use another connector I can just replace the ICSP connector.Is this correct? 
2) The PIC18F67J20 datasheet specifies a 10uF capacitor on the  VDDCOPE/CAP pin if the internal V regulator is to be used. Can you give a reason why in the board a 220nF cap was used and what is the difference?

thanks a lot for now.


I soldered a flying lead ICSP connector onto the PIC-MICRO-WEB and connected that to a PICKIT2 without issue.

It is a very small footprint so much care was needed when I soldered the wires on.