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Newbie Olimex Pic 3

Started by autotrician, February 08, 2015, 03:00:38 PM

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Hi everyone, I have recently purchased an olimex pic 3, I purchased this as I wanted to learn functions of processors/pic's  etc but also to use it within my work as an auto electrician. Any work I need doing regarding unit coding/eeprom swapping I usually get done else where. I am very new to this and I have a 25128 serial eeprom to read and possibly write some data to ? This is where I think I have been mislead because I read in the description that the pic 3 would do this but it doesn't as it is not an available option in the menu. My question is is there anyway I can do as I believe the pic 2 was able too?

Many thanks


If you mean PicKit3 and 25LC128 then you can download MPLAB-X and use the MPLAB IPE stand-alone program that comes with it to program serial eeproms and chips. Olimex's programmer should work with that.


Thanks for your reply, yes sorry it is the pickit3 and I have downloaded MPLAB -X and MPLAB IPE also a beta version of microchip software? Although these programs do show the 25128 eeprom they do not highlight a green dot next to them showing non compatabulity? Such a shame but I will have another look at these software's again if you thinks that it can. I have to be honest I have ordered a eeprom programmer to do the job now but for future referance I will check again.

Many thanks for your reply.