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Started by colomer, November 29, 2014, 07:41:31 pm

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I have an A10 and tried to start using it but I see Ethernet is not connected. Do I have to necesarily plug a keyboard and screen to configure Ethernet in order to use it through ssh or similar?



No, it can run fully headless, but in some cases, it has to be correctly configured first (but you can also do it by modifing the SD card in another computer).


You may need to check the file /etc/network/interfaces once you have booted. Olimex has sometimes commented out the eth0 dhcp in that file (or set it to use fixed ip, which is probably not going to fit your network).
Change the script to use eth0 dhcp and reboot. You should be good after that.

Mariah Albert

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Could you please describe in detail the configuration process, if it is not working headless?

Mariah Albert


if you mean the network configuration ... look at this wiki page (for A13, but same for A10)