MOD-IO2 (PIC16F1503) - Firmware v3 Problems (SOLVED)

Started by Paul Morrison, November 04, 2014, 06:46:17 PM

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Paul Morrison

Hello, Im trying to compile and make my MOD-IO2 board work with the firmware v3.

When I compile original source code (firmware v3 project), I have 2 simple errors:
error: undefined symbol "BORV_19"
error: undefined identifier "SSPCON1bits"

After correct this errors (replace: BORV_19 -> BORV_LO and SSPCON1Bits -> SSP1CON1Bits), I compile and program the board without problems, but then, the board doesnt respond to i2c commands... but if I program the board with the original .hex file, then the board works fine and respond to my i2c commands.

This makes me think maybe Im using a wrong version of some compiler. Im using MPLAB X IDE 2.25:
As compiler toolchains: HI-TECH PICC v9.83, mpasm v5.59, XC8 v1.33
As Programmer: Olimex's PICKIT3

Thanks for your answers.