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P407 Ethernet

Started by ovicod, October 31, 2012, 11:02:07 PM

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The Webserver on P407 don't works.
I compilled the ethernet example with IAR 6.40 and downloaded on Target with ST-Link V2.
I did connect P407 with the RS232-Terminal and over a cross wired-cable with my network card. My Network-card have the IP (same network with P407).
I can see in terminal the boot messages from P407 (ip address, LED test etc).
Under these conditions I cannot ping the P407 and I cannot see in Browser anything under
I tried again with a switch and a strait cat-cable and again nothig.

What did I do wrong!




hello friend ,

I have STM32-E407 board

I want ask you did you succeed with ethernet ?

I need only send and receive 200 bytes of data to the board

which files do I need to add to the project ?

besides I have no IAR - I have eclipse



The STM32-E407 board works with the Olimex ethernet example.