Power supply for A10 OLinuXino LIME

Started by catlazer, October 02, 2014, 01:57:22 pm

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Does the power supply for the A10 OLinuXino LIME need to be regulated?
I have a PSU from an old powered USB hub that I doubt is regulated - it is quoted as 5V, 2A on its label.

I measured the output voltage directly across the connector of this PSU as 5.22V

Would this be safe to use?

Also, I assume the central pin to the power connector on the A10 OLinuXino LIME is positive: +5V? It doesn't seem to say anywhere in the user guide ...



The schematic shows the centre pin is +

These are very hi-tech boards with h-tech components and serious speed signals. Endless people on here have had problems using poor power supplies so why join them?



Ahh, yes the schematic - always interesting and informative if one bothers to read it!

I shall push the boat out and treat myself to a 5v regulated supply then!

It is a shame that (as far as I know) no-one appears to retail the Olimex PSU (SY0605E) recommended in the User Guide, here in the UK.
At least, I can't find a UK retailer. Maybe the UK style wall socket has never been implemented?



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I don't know but I paid the extra to get the Olimex board with on-board power regulator etc and wide power inputs.



Hmmm. I wasn't aware of such a product from Olimex!

Anyway, I found this 5V regulated PSU from my local UK electronics supplier:


I think this would be suitable? Any comments?


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When 5V is specified that is often with a design tolerance of +- 5% and even to +-10%. So any PSU that provides 4.75 to 5.25V under load will be fine. PSUs built for cost may measure slightly high (particularly with no load).
So your first PSU is within specification but if you have any doubts it is good to select a known unit. Your choice for the second PSU looks good, it is well specified.

I had a look at the input circuit because it would tell me if the LIME had any protection from a poor PSU. The input circuit is protected by a 6V "littlefuse" that triggers at 6.67 V. The PSU chip that is used for the A10 and support chips operates normally with inputs up to 6.3 V with maximum of 11V. Your biggest concern would be any peripherals that are connected that require 5V such as USB devices (5% tolerance).