PIC32 OTG Pinguino -> Make real industrial standart !!!

Started by Nethacks, September 12, 2014, 04:58:56 pm

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Dear Olimex Team,

There would be fine, to make a industrial version of the PIC32 Pinguino.
The board should pass the EFT,EMC,ESD,Busr,Surge,... standarts for
home automation.
There fore there should be made some small changes:

1st: There is no fuse :-( . A little TR5 or something compareable should be add.
Put a P6KE30CA diode before a common mode choke.
The ground of the board and the supply connector should be separated.
The current should flow 1st over the TVS and then over the common mode choke (Würth 744284101).
Change the SS14 to a SS16, because on failure the voltage will raise to 41.5V.
New inputvoltage would be 9 to 25.5V
So power supply whould be fine.

2nd: There is no ESD,... protection on the USB Port.
Add one. Like a WE-CNSW 744 232 090 and WE-TVS 824015
and for the USB Voltage a WE-CBF 742-792641
Theres an appnote from Würth, how to protect USB Port.
(Page 7 "Double protection of single USB port ")
So USB Port will be pass the tests.

3rd: Remove the battery changer. SAVE $$$.

4th: The SD Card slot AND Power JAck should stand over the board.
So the board could be fine mounted into a enclosure.
(I will make a CAD File for an Enclosure, if you want)

5th: Add a I2C RTC on board with a gold cap buffer (instead LIPO)

If you change this little parts, so the Pinguino will be a real
home and industrial automation product !!!

Best regards,


If you order a good number maybe they'll quote to do it.