XFCE devellopment. How to get started?

Started by dave-at-axon, December 22, 2013, 07:37:01 AM

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Hi all,

I am new to Linux development as such, having always been Windows and most recently Android.

I am keen to have a go at application development with the A10S and running XFCE desktop.

Can anyone point me to the where I can get all the tools to develop for this environment? I can either do this under Windows 7 or I have an Ubuntu virtual machine I do Android builds on.

I also have a few questions.

1. Can I debug on the target from a desktop machine? With Android I can debug over ADB via USB. Plugging in the USB to the A10S does nothing. There is no activity on the desktop PC.

2. If cannot debug over USB, could I use Ethernet instead?

Any and all pointers for a newbie at Linux dev appreciated but don't worry about it being techy. I can deal with that :)


I know that could be obsolete but for future reference.

You can use serial to debug, but mind the levels, standard USB - rs232 can not be used due to the higher voltage levels and polarization. You need USB to rs232-ttl 3.3v converter, I got my on ebay. If you are not sure get one from Olimex.


You can debug over network too, via SSH. I do most debbugin this way, with gdb (or another debbuger) or just by looking at debug messages written to console. In XWindows, don't forget to set DIPLAY variable (e.g. export DISPLAY=:0.0).


Thanks all. I've been busy with the Android A20 but I will see if I can get the A10S I also have up and running with it and see if I can do this using GDB over the network connection.