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FOSDEM-85 USB Driver

Started by SerafinaPekkala, August 25, 2014, 11:07:13 AM

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I have a FOSDEM-85 Penguin and have some problems uploading a program.

I choosed "Tools/Board/Digipark 8MHz- No USB - TinyCore" and "Tools/Programmer/Digispark" at the menu.
I instlled ihe USB driver (libusb-win32 usb devices) witch I can see in the device manager, but not under COM and LPT but as its own entry.
I use Win XP.
When I try to upload the program to the FOSDEM-85 I get the message:
"Starting Upload. Abort mission! An error has occured.
Please unplug the device and restart the program."

Has someone an idea what went wrong?

And is this FOSDEM penguin identical with the OLIMEXINO 85 for I can find no entries at the forum about FOSDEM-85 but a lot about OLIMEXINO-85?

Thank you!