A10 USB problem

Started by a_vlad, September 02, 2014, 12:54:17 pm

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Hi dear friends!

I have 2 A10 - with NAND Flash and without, both have Olimex SD Debian and all modules installed and upgraded! (I have also the same configuration on my A20 and all work well).

But ...

1) as I ask in other thread - USB WiFi card not work! Dtected, but HWAddr 00:00:00:00 and card not work on A10 (on A20 all ok)


2) USB-Serial adapters detect by lsusb, but not make any ttyUSB
3) HFS+ external drive seen by GPardted, but when try to mount - HFSPlus partition not supported Error (but all modules installed and upgraded) This disk perfect mount and work with A20

at the same time USB flash card with FAT mount and read perfect

all A10 have a good power, hard device like HDD use separate power

Do You have any idea? What it could be?


Sounds like missing driver(s).



decide resolve problems one by one :-)

frist HFS+
it's look like - no modules in kernel (i bought SD with A10)

sad news, tomorrow try download new version of image, if no - need recompile it

How I hate this - I just know only one Linux with friendly face, this old Mac OS before Maverick :-)


problem 1 and 2 resolved after download new image! (my old purchased with SD-card, but no it's work)