GSM Shield not working with olimexino nano (rx pin)

Started by maeishoj, August 30, 2014, 06:26:10 PM

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hello everyone,

I have received my gsm shield and olimexino nano and I now reached the point where I need to communicate with the GSM module (i already successfully interfaced with compass and GPS).

However the module is not returning me data! Using the examples in the library I can make calls, that's not a problem. However I cannot send SMS and this is because I am getting nothing from the rx pin.

I have connected the shield to the nano, and then powered the UART on the shield (GND and VCC). Then used the exmaples code "GSM_Call_and_SMS" but again, can call but not sending sms or reading.

I also tried to connect to the USB cable and use CoolTerm to directly talk to the GSM but not luck, nothing comes from RX.

Can someone please guide me on what seems to be the deal? You would expect a shield to work flawlessly as you plug it in :/

Here is my connection (and yes, I am powering this from a battery) as you can see here:


hi maeishoj,

were you ever able to resolve this issue? i think the "documentation" that exists for the olimexino is a pain in the a** and it doesn't really tell you how to do anything.



Olexino documentation is shit beware before buying.