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Duinomite mini starting with C

Started by jd128, November 29, 2014, 02:07:41 PM

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Hi everyone,

I'm starting with duinomite mini and want to know what software and additionnal hardware to I need to start writting programs in C for duinomite mini?
Do I need to change the bootloader? For wich one? How?
I'm a Mac OS user, so mac compatible answer will be fine!

Thanks a lot for sharing your expertise!


Hello JD,

I have to apoligize that I'm not a MAC OS user, so I don't know what is available for this environment.

I did a download of the open sources of DMBasic:
You can find it on GITHUB (follow the link on the Olimex site) and you can compile it with:
MPLAB C 32 version 1.11b (will not compile on 2.0 and later versions!)
MPLAB-X 1.10
Maybe not the most recent versions, but it works.
You can delete, edit and add whatever you want and make your own solution with the standard Microchip libraries.
This works with the standard bootloader.

Another solution is MPIDE, which I have also available. However for this environment you need an alternative bootloader. Therefore you need a PIC-KIT3 to replace the bootloader.

Hope this helps already a bit.



Thanks Kees,

MPLAB C 32 version 1.11b and MPLAB-X 1.10
How do I use it (I know C), what are first step to start?

Thanks for your patience


Hi JD,

If you have installed the right versions of MPLAB, you can load the DMBssic sources from Github as desbribed on the Olimex pages. I started in this way to create my own CAN commands. I still use Basic as a "scripting language" to activate my CAN commands, either from the command line or within a Basic program.

As the Duinomite Mini does not have an external CAN connection, I assume you like to do something else with the hardware. As most functionality of the PIC32 controller is supported by DMBasic you can search how the commmands and functions are implemented and edit those functions.