Kernel headers?

Started by eroosenmaallen, August 26, 2014, 06:58:42 pm

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Where can I find a kernel header package to match the official Debian image (from The image uses kernel 3.4.90+, but the package repo only has headers for kernel 2.6 and for 3.2.

I am trying to install a device driver which is looking specifically for the headers for 3.4.90+, the linux-headers-3.2.0-4-all package doesn't do it.


I think the wiki, wordpress and/or github explain how to compile that kernel so will also have the headers.



The howto linked at the top of this forum helps you:

If you just check out the current source code from git you will have the 3.4.90+ kernel to build.
That version does not require the two patches described in the howto.


I am currently building the kernel using those instructions; thank you!

Will I be able to simply "make install" (or "make modules_install", or whatever is appropriate) into my running system, or need I build a whole new SD image?

The driver I am trying to install is looking for for /lib/modules/3.4.90+/build/; I think (hope) that's all I need installed.


If you follow all the instructions of the howto you will have a complete new image to put on your SD card, equivalent to the Olimex image but updated.

Once you have that you can always do a make menuconfig, make modules etc. to add new drivers as you need.

I don't know if it is "safe" to just compile modules and copy them to the older image or even if Linux will let the module run. I don't recommend it as I guess interfaces can change and you might get unexpected side effects.