Documentation and Demos for ADUC-MT-7020 board

Started by deepforge, August 23, 2013, 12:25:47 am

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A member of our team recently purchased the MT7020 (Arm 7 dev board + LCD), not realizing the product was obsolete.  We're having issues getting the demos to work.  Incidentally, there are incomplete and confusing aspects of the users manual.  Finally, I would like to get better information on the LCD part to help with programming, but I can't make out the part number on the side of the component.  So my question is this: does anyone know when the demos and documentation were last released, and are there newer versions than on the product page?


Hello there,

The main reasons to render ADuC-MT7020 obsolete are the old microcontroller
and the low demand. The product was first released back in 2005.

All documents for ADuC-MT7020 are available at it's web page:

The demos work, but only with IAR EW for ARM version 4.xx. I used version
4.42 and they compile fine. Unfortunately, between major revisions of IAR
there is no compatibility, it would probably be quite a challenge to convert
the examples for IAR 5.xx or IAR 6.xx.

The LCD should be 16 characters on two lines. Currently we use displays
K2-1602K rev.2.1 but we have used different makes in the past. Still I
recommend you to check this document about the display:

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex