Real Time Operating system for the iMX233

Started by TheWylieStCoyote, July 07, 2014, 06:22:27 AM

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I am finally getting around to a project that I have been meaning to work on for a long time now. I have been wanting to build my own ECU(Engine Control Unit) for my use (and friends and whom ever that cares to use it). (I know there are a couple of good ones out there like Mega-Squirt and so on but they have some limitations I just don't like) I am hoping to use the one of the iMX233 boards as I have a couple of them. One of the problems I have is to get the kind of exact timing that I will need I need a RTOS. I have worked with freeRTOS before but I would like something that has better driver support for USB and wireless networking. Also I have some plans to build some bigger better faster versions using more powerful processors and would like to stay with Linux. (Also I have had just better luck with projects using Linux)

Has any one gotten Linux RT to run on this processor?
Could some one point me in the write direction?
Any other thoughts or help of any kind or topic is more then welcome.

Thanks in advance,