Need help selecting the most applicable PIC WEB board

Started by thomaskuhn, July 23, 2014, 03:49:10 PM

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I am new to micro controllers but am learning fast.  I have a particular application that I am trying to build a prototype for.  It is a Synchronous serial to TCP converter.  I see that the majority of the WEB boards use the PIC18F67J60 which has only 1 EUSART.  This EUSART is already tied into the serial connector.  Unfortunately with Sync serial, I need the TX, RX and a Clock.  Most of the schematics do not seem to show easy access to these signal lines.  The only board that seems to be best suited is the PIC-MAXI-WEB.  This has a second EUSART with most of the signals running to the external header.  The only exception is the RG5, RG6, and RG7 which is sent to the LED and relays.  I figure that I could remove R2 or R18 to get access to these signals. 

Is this the better way to do this? 

Also, what is a part number/digikey part number for a crimp-on ribbon connector can mate with the external header?


Hello thomaskuhn,

What are the other requirements for the board except for two UARTs?

There are other PIC boards with more than one UART available.

Furthermore, the Pinguino and the Duinomite boards can be used as general-purpose PIC32 boards (no general purpose examples, however): and

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