Started by ALFREDOSKY, August 20, 2014, 08:20:01 PM

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Hi all, i'm a little confused, how many TCPIPConfig.h are in this card? I saw in the TCPIP stack_lib directory one file("physical file") called TCPIConfig.h loaded with Olimex card configuration, then when i loaded TCP_lib.x in MPLAB XIDE v2.0 i didn´t see it, but searching i found another TCPIPConfig.h(ghost file) with different configuration (¿?)  ???, also there are a similar file called TCPIPConfigTemplate.h with another different configuration  ???. Which one of these files run a TCP app? which one of these should i configure it?. As can you see, seems more a question for people Olimex support, but also for anyone who has worked with this card and have used Microchip stack.