Running Debian headless

Started by rybyte, June 23, 2014, 10:47:57 am

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Hi there

I just started playing with the A10 board. I have setup keyboard, ethernet, etc...
For now display is connected via hdmi and controls via usb mouse / keyboard.

I would like the A10 to boot directly to console instead of the x environment.
Looked to google for help and found something about grub files but couldn't find those files on the A10.

So how do I make the A10 boot directly to console?
Please by patient I'm a olimex/linux newbee :)

Best Regards


If you want it to go to a Linux console rather than uboot prompt, you can either change uboot's command line (read up on that) or just tell Linux which runlevel you want (1 is single user, and so on).  Reading up on Linux and run levels is your best bet because you may well want a level without X but with networking, for example.

Have a look at /etc/inittab if you have it, else go for the newer /etc/init etc way.

I'd stay away from u-boot for this.



Ok, so that took a lot of time reading about runlevels  :)

First I tried removing S01slim from etc/rc2.d.
That booted to console but without any ethernet.
I put the file back.

In the end what I did was this:
Edit /etc/X11/default-display-manager
Comment out the only line: # /usr/bin/slim

After that small change the system boots nicely to console with all the stuff working...
I hope :)