Can i make MUSIC LED and which product i have to use?

Started by kalata23, July 05, 2014, 10:57:53 AM

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Hello, my idea is to build a MUSIC led effect, which have to be realized by analogue inputs and analogue/digital outputs. The idea is, to connect an music source like Mp3 player or laptop to the analogue inputs of Olimexino board and then with software to analyze the frequencies. Is it possible to make 3 filters with software, like High, Middle and low, so when the RED LED to be flashed on LOW frequencies, Blue one on Middle frequencies and Green one on HIGH frequencies.
Is it possible, and if so, which product and libraries i have to use?


There are lots of arduino projects that deal with analyzing audio, and you can certainly modify different things based on those frequencies.

Take a look at this guy's spectrum analyzer. He includes his source in the description; I suggest you take a look at that for ideas:

As for your product question, any arduino board with ADC (for analog input) and PWM (analog output) will work. If you were hoping for something Olimex-specific, their OLIMEXINO-32U4 should get the job done. Any of them should suffice really, but the 32U4 is cheap and easy. I do suggest avoiding any Attiny 85 based boards though, since they're obviously very limited in pins.