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Started by dnaeon, June 12, 2014, 09:01:23 pm

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Today I made my order for A10-OLinuXino-LIME-4GB, hopefully it will arrive soon and I will be able to start playing with it :)

While waiting for my new board to arrive I was looking at the site trying to find some documentation I could already read and get myself introduced to programming the OLinuXino.

Unfortunately I was not able to find such documentation and that is the reason I'm asking for some assistance here.

Where can we find some documentation on how to get started with programming the OLinuXino? Programming in C, Python or any other language? You know, things like starting from the beginning - LED blinking, example projects, etc..?



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Olimex makes hardware, so you won't find tons of software and video stuff here like for RPi etc.
To understand linux and languages, you can use those tutorials though. Linux is pretty much Linux.
If you plan to use sdcard with Debian linux, then you can download any how-to for Debian from the web - there is no specific A10-LIME language manual.
There are some application examples on GitHub for the Olinuxino boards, with examples for GPIO on the LIME.
< check the main page for Python e-books: >



Thanks for the reply.

I do have a decent experience with Operating Systems - GNU/Linux, BSD and C and Python programming, although I haven't done any GPIO programming on a mini-computer on these.

I guess I was looking more for something specific to GPIO programming like for the Arduino and others, but I will dig up some documentation on GNU/Linux GPIO programming and start from there.

Thanks again,


Hey dnaeon,

The best way to start is to check on the manual and the wiki. This forum is also full of useful information.

The manual might be found here:

The wiki is here:

The wiki features some links to the wordpress articles that detail the building of official Debian images.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thanks for the information, will check out the manual and wiki!



A lot of also applies.

A10 is almost the same on any board so sites/forums about A10 can be used, and A20 is like A10 so same comments.

Unlike some vendors, Olimex publish schematics and those are a goldmine sometimes.