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Using MOD-RS485 and UEXtx5

Started by xortan, October 07, 2014, 08:01:51 PM

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Hello everyone,

Just picked up my Olimex-328 the other day so pretty new at this. I am wondering how to communicate with the MOD-RS485. I have the RS485 module and the USB module connected to the UEXTx5 so I figure I need to know how to set the address for these two devices. The project I'm working on will require data to be received and sent through this RS485 module as well as receive data from the USB module.

1) How do I set the address for modules connected to UEXTx5?

2) I've seen some stuff about having to add a level-shifting circuit in order to use the RS-485 this true? I hope not...I bought it under the intention it was more of a plug-and-play kinda thing.

I look forward to your responses and if you need more information about the application or I didn't explain something please don't hesitate to ask!


Sounds a bit like you needed the -ISO version, which also has sample code.



Um, why? A lot of the stuff I've seen on this forum about the -ISO version leads me to believe it creates more problems than it solves. When I was looking at the products initially I saw that the -ISO version also had some I2C signals sent to this what is required to address it?

There is sample code given with the non-ISO version as well that uses UART1 and UART2 to TX/RX...

I've managed to transmit some data by setting the /RE and DE pins of the ADM3483ARZ low and high then just sending some data out on the TXD pin.

Is there no way to interface with a specific UEXT on the UEXTx5 board?


You say you want 328 code which the -ISO has and you want to change address which it does.