imx233 micro openwrt wifi won't work

Started by mwalimu, May 27, 2014, 06:35:55 PM

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I sucessfully compiled an image for an iMX233 linuxino micro.  I added the kernel support for a rtl8192cu wifi dongle (edimax).  When the image boots, dmesg says that all the required modules have been loaded and "ifconfig" reports wlan0 is present.
Now, when I remove "option disabled 1" from /etc/config/wireless, wlan0 disappears and br-lan takes it's place and says "no wireless extensions".  Obviously wifi doesn't quite work with this particular version of openWRT on the iMX233 machines, but does any body have an idea of how to fix it?


How does look the ouput of brctl show and cat /proc/net/dev ?