LPC-P2919 Fatal error: Write memory error @ address 0xFFFF8070

Started by deSteini, June 04, 2014, 09:56:26 PM

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Hi Community,

I've cleaned this thread because now i know much more than at the beginning. My Board is still not running perfect, but i've figured out it is because of the CGU and Sys-Clock.
It stucks in a loop if it checks the Clocksignal, so i've started to Debug in the Clock-Registers, and everytime i am coming to the "SYS_CLK_CONF" Register my Debugger shows follow Error:

Fatal error: Write memory error @ address 0xFFFF8070, word access: Core error.   Session aborted!

So it seems its not able to write in the Clock Register? And because of this abviously it stucks later and the program is not running correctly.

Is my assumption right? Is there a Workaround or is the chip just dead?

Would be glad for some hints!

Thx in advance!