Some notes while trying Archlinux as proposed in Manual Revision J

Started by flavigny, November 12, 2012, 04:43:49 PM

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(remember, I continue searching for Archlinux, following lub/olimex who said "it was using it with Usb-wifi Tl722N")
I start a new workshop reading page 16; manual revision J.

As full Url is not indicated, I used: and downlmoaded tarball created on August 28.
(I know the link from Olimex page ( il 4 month old, probably obsolete)
Of course, if text is related to another version I apologize for the miss-reading and will remove this post
However it will be very more friendly to indicate complete URL.

So,  step by step:
I am surprised by ampersands beginning many lines (even under vi!), I suppress them.

I.3: I supposed umounth is mispelled for umount

I.7: I supposed that the mount point has to be created as mmc, not dir

I.15: knowing no more url, I ignored

I.17: written "if you are" I understand "If OlinuxIno Board is"
(however, without URL, I bypassed)
II:  for me I found immediately full Internet access (Ip, router and Dns) ready to use, without any more setting.
(connected to wifi by ethernet adapter Netgear Wnce2001)
Finaly, The Sdcard boots, fine, but:
I noted that $(uname -r) differs a bit from path to modules (6 versus 5)
When I plug Usb-wifi, nothing, does anyone know how to activate it ?
I was depicted: no module for usb/serial