Lime as an LTSP client?

Started by thurst, May 29, 2014, 11:14:03 pm

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Hi Everyone,

I've just recently stumbled across the OLinuXino boards, and am very excited to see a low-cost higher-power board capable of a slew of incredible uses! What I am wondering is this: could uboot on the Lime be configured such that it would immediately boot from DHCP on the ethernet, or as an alternative, use a minuscule kernel to establish a connection with the LTSP server via TFTP and X forwarding so that the board acts as a terminal or zero client?

For a little background, I work at a small school district, and we have recently started using our old machines as terminals for a server running Edubuntu LTSP in one of our computer labs. It has worked incredibly well when the BIOS supports PXE, but when I tested out the same setup using a Raspberry Pi and BerryTerminal (a customized build of the LTSP source in a tiny image) the terminal ran quite slow, and did not meet our student's needs. I would like to switch to ARM-based terminals for both the cost and power savings, and would also like to move our district further in the open source direction, but cannot figure out whether this type of setup is feasible for the OLinuXino boards. Any insight or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you!



Board can boot from network, check linux-sunxi page for more info: