A13-LCD10.1" in Android SD-Image

Started by ctkd17, May 29, 2014, 07:47:45 pm

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Hello all,

First, i must say that sorry for my english.

I try to find a script.bin A13-LCD10.1" for a10 lime but i can't.

Anybody can help me?



I'm not sure but AFAIK the A13 cannot support the 10" 1024x600 resolution (at least not in Linux). So I guess therefore you cannot find it. For us this was a reason to switch to the A10 (when released was smaller and had physical ethernet connection too which is also great).


Sorry, i think that you not understand me. I want find a script for the A10-Lime not A13.

Anyway thanks!


If the A10 images are like the A20, your should have a change_display.sh in the root that let you change the output type and resolution by modifying the script.bin on the fly.


yeah, but this is only in debian imagen's no? How can i do in Android?

thanks all for the patience and help!!!!

:D ;D