PIC-MICRO-WEB default web page

Started by kayjay, December 13, 2012, 06:21:18 PM

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I'm using the PIC-Micro-Web with TCP/IP stack V5.31 and Olimex patch. The patch includes the pre-built "HEX" code and "MPFSImg2.bin" for the web page. If I build the WebPagesOlimex with "..\Microchip\TCPIP Stack\Utilities\MPFS2.exe" /mpfs2 ".\WebPagesOlimex" "." "MPFSImg2.bin" and upload the new "MPFSImg2.bin" file it appears that the header.inc did not get included (it is there) and I get the word "none" instead of the file when the page loads. I have checked the "index.html" and "~inc:header.inc~" is located at the top of the file. What could be wrong.



Hey kayjay,

I wonder is the result the same if you use the prebuilt MPFSImg2.bin?

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