SD card boot is not working after soldering pinheaders

Started by nidalpres, November 11, 2012, 12:50:38 AM

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Well, I have soldered pin headers both to CON1 and CON2 (30-pin) and to SJTAG (4-pin) on my olinuxino-MICRO.

Board works fine except it won't boot from SD card any more. I have checked and rechecked if I made short somewhere but all pins are clear and only soldered to their pads.

There is nothing connected on any of the pins, I soldered them and then inserted SD card, reconnected board to check if it will boot and it doesn't.

Boot ROM gives two codes on terminal: 0x80502008 (USB connect timeout) and 0x80207002 (I2C DMA transaction timed out). If I power up the board without SD card it gives out the same boot ROM codes.

SD card works fine, tried it on PC using card reader.

Anyone had similar problem?
Any ideas what could go wrong with SD card boot after soldering pin header on micro board? I have also looked at Eagle schematic and board PCB and cant see any obvious reason for this not to work....


I might have connected -5V to DUART Rx line while I was reconnecting everything back after soldering. Not sure, but might have happened. Not sure if this might be an issue, just guessing.

I don't know what kind of silicon problems connecting -5V for a few seconds on DUART Rx might do to mx233 but it apparently didn't fried it completely. Wouldn't be the first time for me to fry just one side of the chip (put image of half-fried Terminator's face in here) anyways.

Again, maybe this is not the cause.

I'm not really sure which wires I misconnected, but I did some, and one of the things I might have connected had one lead with -5V on it of the same colour as the one I usually connect on DUART Rx pin.

Anyway, lesson learned (again  ;) ): keep my work space clean!